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Pet of the Day
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Remy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Remy
Age: One year, two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Huacaya Alpaca
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Remy, and his is my Huacaya Alpaca! Remy is the biggest ham you will ever meet. If you call his name he will instantly put his tail in the air (an alpaca sign of submission) and come running over with a toothy "grin". He is a wonderful cuddler and enjoys being trained for show and agility. Being a lover of food, he took right to clicker training and is willing to try just about any new trick to get his treat! After volunteering at the alpaca farm where he was born, I fell in love with his personality and trainability and decided that he would be perfect to add to my family. And he is!

    He gets along great with the other alpacas. He is a roommate to another young male at the moment. He is sheeted once a year. Alpacas cannot sweat! So in the spring they must be given their hair cut. He is sporting a show cut, the fiber being left on his face, legs and tail so that it grows in properly for the fall show season. To be shorn they lay them out on the floor and stretch them out so they don't get hurt. They use clippers like they use for sheep. The fiber is taken to the mill and turned into yarn. Many things are made from it! I have loads of socks and shoe insoles. But there are also scarves, clothing, stuffed animals, jewelry, etc. it is next to cashmere in its softness and quality.

    Remy was bred and raised at Cider Press Alpacas. In case you are wondering what "huacaya" means, alpacas come in two types: "huacaya" (like Remy) which have fiber like a teddy bear and "suri" which have fiber more like a angora rabbit. Alpacas also have no teeth on the top front of their mouth! They use the bottom teeth and the hard pallet to cut grass.

Remy, the Pet of the Day
Remy, the Pet of the Day

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