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Penny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Penny
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hamster
Home: Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
   Penny is special because she is the World's cutest hamster, a supermodel of the hamster species! She's the life & soul of the party, a social whirlwind bringing a smile to everyones face! She loves to whizz around in her ball faster than the speed of light, and even has her own facebook page for her many adoring fans.

    Penny is the most special hamster there has ever been, she is not only a pretty little thing but she generally does have a massive personality. if you give time to your pet then any animal can become tame, and Penny is most definitely that! Her moods can vary, she can be very hyperactive and excitable, especially when she wants in her ball! but she can get cross too when she doesn't get her own way! ha ha! She is not happy when it is time for bed as all she wants to do is play in her ball, or run around the floor or climb over the sofa! She has favorite treats, in particular favorites are coconut flakes, hamster yogurt drops, cucumber and strawberries!!!! And she will let me feed her and stroke her whilst enjoying munching!

    Penny can do a number of tricks, a favorite of mine is when she is running around the house in her ball, and I call her, she responds to her name and will come straight to me every time!!! She will also stand on her two little feet and will occasionally walk on just her two feet instead on all fours! She loves to climb the stairs that is a definite favorite!!! She is a more independent type hamster, she's not one to sit still very often, how ever she loves to be handled and will climb onto my hand willingly. I have never had a hamster before and In all honestly I never really thought hamsters did much, but I really wanted an animal and I persuaded my boyfriend to let us get a hamster back in December. She has been such a happy little thing and we love her sooo much and for anyone who says hamster are boring or do nothing or simply don't have a personality then that is not true as our hamster is amazing!

Penny, the Pet of the Day
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Penny, the Pet of the Day
Penny, the Pet of the Day
Penny, the Pet of the Day
Penny, the Pet of the Day

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