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Hopscotch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hopscotch
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   Hopscotch (Hops for short) is a recent addition to my home. He's an absolute sweetie and very patient, although a little timid with people but we think his eyesight isn't great as he startles really easily. He loves running around (oh boy is he fast!) and exploring, especially if it means he gets to climb or crawl over something. He jumps and binkys all over the place, sometimes into walls and sometimes into my other rabbit, Dusty. Our second time meeting him he binky'd into her and she only grunted before hopping off, so we knew than and there we had to adopt him! Any rabbit that Dusty didn't attack was going to do fine with us.

    When I adopted him he was just a little bit smaller than Dusty, now he's double her size at 3.2kg, and he's only five months old! I don't know how big he's going to get but I can't wait to see. It's funny watching her boss him around and he just sits there. He's very mature for a teenage bunny, has only destroyed the one cord I left laying around. Not too destructive with all those growing boy hormones! He loves his toys that he can pick up and throw around, especially the ones with bells. Hops also loves Dusty, from day one he wanted to snuggle up with her and he would beg her for kisses all the time (she took offense at that). He would also try hiding under her. He still tries to hide under her or behind her when things startle him but it doesn't work so well because I can still see him.

    He was mostly white except for a light grey spot on his nose when I got him but that's been changing as he grows. His ears and nose are getting a darker grey and I think they match Dusty quite well. It looks like all the kisses he's given her face has turned his nose grey!

Hopscotch, the Pet of the Day
Hopscotch, the Pet of the Day

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