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Sparky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sparky
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   While I realize not a lot of people see the charm in something fuzzy with eight feet, Sparky is a very special girl with an obvious sense of humour. For one thing she is a thief - in her life she has stolen a red pencil, a shiny blue stone, and a diamond ring, which she sat on so I could not get it back. She's also a princess. The first time I gave her meal worms to eat, she had a complete fit. She stood as high on her toes as she could, apparently hoping they would just go away, and when they didn't, she picked them up one by one, carried them to a corner of her tank, and buried them!

    People say tarantulas don't have personalities, but I don't think that's true at all. She once escaped from her tank. I finally found her when my downstairs neighbor screamed bloody murder. I went running down to her apartment to find Sparky sitting on my neighbor's easy chair with one paw on the remote. Maybe she wanted to find Animal Planet on TV?

    One photo is of her having a drink of water. Of course when you have eight feet and you don't like getting them wet, you have to get creative about where you put them! The white dots are dust - she's been digging in the sand in her tank. In the second photo, she is flopped on her tummy. After all it's hard work getting the sand in your tank just right.

    I think if more people really spent time with a tarantula, really watched them and saw what wonderful, funny little creatures they are, less people would fear them and more would love them. Sparky is fifteen years old, and yes they do live that long - up to thirty years. I know my life would be less special without her.

Sparky, the Pet of the Day

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