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Coconut, the Pet of the Day
Name: Coconut
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chocolate Mini Rex rabbit
Home: Arlington, Washington, USA
   I want everyone to meet my rabbit Coconut. She is eight months old and I love her to pieces! She is a chocolate mini rex that I recently got. She is show quality, but I have no idea if I will show her. I hope to breed her someday and get some great kits from her because of her amazing coat color and design. When I got her, she was a bit shy and so now I am trying to get her used to her new home and the sound of my voice. And don't worry, she's not usually on mesh, I just put her there to get a good picture of her. Her cage bottom has lots of places for her to rest her feet.

    She still is a bit shy of other people, but she is getting more and more friendly. The person that I got her from named her, and I am starting to think that the name goes with her. She loves to eat strawberry leaves best of all. She also very soft to pet. I love her!

Coconut, the Pet of the Day

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