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Allen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Allen
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Golden hamster
Home: Niedersachsen, Germany
   This is my hamster, Allen. This hamster is just crazy! One day, just a few minutes after he jumped from my hand, he fell on the ground and for half a minute, it looked like he just broke his neck, then he stands up and runs around like nothing happened? I think he is a new species of hamster, whose injuries heel unnaturally fast! Maybe he is the next Super-Man... I mean Super-Hamster!!!

    He was already the coolest hamster when I bought him from the pet shop. When the woman that works there lifted the house in the cage, all his brothers and sisters ran away to hide somewhere. But Allen didn't even awake up. First I thought he was sickly, but he just slept too long, he was fine, and is still a healthy hamster now! He is really the coolest of all hamsters I have had.

Allen, the Pet of the Day
Allen, the Pet of the Day

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