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Pet of the Day
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Blade, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blade
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blazed Rat
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Blade (named Blade because of his beautiful blaze) is the new addition to my very special group of boys. Blade is the most curious and kissable rat out there! He is happy running around the house all day (but always comes back to me every few minutes for kisses!).

    I always find him sleeping in the most uncomfortable but cute looking positions in the most bizarre places! Always makes me laugh. He is still very little and has a lot to learn, but loves spending time with me, sharing my food and covering my face in little rattie kisses!

    Blade is a little smooch machine and is very playful! Even through he is still so small, he is not afraid to stand up to his bigger brothers when they try to steal his food (then I have the pleasure of watching them all play box). Blade is very friendly but will stay away from strangers, he always hides in my hair when a new person enters the room. He loves shoulder rides, probably because that way he is close to my hair, as that is his favorite toy, my little hairdresser-to-be!

    He doesn't know any tricks just yet, apart from he must give me a kiss before getting his treat. We are slowly learning how to spin and to come when his name is called. But he does get distracted easily sometimes. Blade is a funny little boy who I have bonded with very strongly. He comes to me every morning for a pat and knows when I come home from work, and is eight there waiting for his cuddle.

Blade, the Pet of the Day
Blade, the Pet of the Day

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