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Maxwell, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maxwell
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex rabbit
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Maxwell is the softest bunny in the world! He just turned one on June 1st. He is my first rabbit, and I honestly think after living with this guy I can never go without having bunnies again! He loves to go for walks in what I call his "snazzy little vest", and his favourite treats are dandelion greens and cucumber! Surprisingly, Maxwell's best friend is a cat named Bandit! Bandit likes to lay on the floor with Maxwell, and when they go outside, they walk together in the grass.

    Maxwell is loved very much, and because he knows this, he thinks he can get away with being bad!! I often catch him lounging on my bed snuggled up with a cat, and instead of hopping off right away, he'll look at me, and then slooowly sink back and try to go under the blankets! He thinks I won't notice him!

    I love Maxwell with all of my heart. He is the best bunny in the whole wide world!

Maxwell, the Pet of the Day

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