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Love, the Pet of the Day
Name: Love
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Bohus, Västra Götaland, Sweden
   This is my little bunny, Love. (It's a Swedish boy's name, so even if it sounds like it's the word, here it's a name, and of course, pronounced differently.) When you say "love" you don't really put any "energy" into the letters, but in the name "love" here in Sweden, you put extra energy on the O and E. It is hard to explain, but kind of like "lOvE". Almost as if saying "love" in an exaggerated way!

    Plenty of little traits makes him quite a special little bunny. When we got him from a breeder, right before new year, he was the smallest of his siblings, and due to his siblings pushing him away and the breeders lack of attention, he was so tiny and skinny. So when we brought him home and he got to eat his first proper meal in weeks, he literally ate 24 hours straight. He even ate in his sleep the first 24 hours here. And after a while, started gaining plenty of energy, bouncing around all over the apartment happily, and for obvious reasons, doesn't miss his siblings one bit.

    But he's grown to be a very thankful, loving and friendly little guy. Loves to give people kisses on the hands and cheek if they come close enough. Sometimes he even tries jumping up on the bed and desk to come give me a kiss just to show how much he loves being here.

    When you put your hand in the cage, it doesn't matter what he's doing, he never bites, only kiss or press his head up into your hand, wanting to be petted and get his ears rubbed. If he's asleep, he feels safe enough not to be spooked and get up if you open the cadge and pet him. He just stretches out a bit extra so that you can rub his back. He eats pretty much anything. He's not picky about food at all. But who would be after what he went trough his first four months in life?

    His favorite activities is to go outside and run around, either in the woods, or at an old fortress close by. The fortress is his absolute favorite place. He usually runs around in there for hours, bouncing about happily, 'til he eventually grows exhausted and falls asleep on the grass on the walls. And oddly enough, he absolutely loves riding the bus, since he knows that when we do, we're headed to the fortress for him to play around. Everyone who works there knows who he is by now, since we have made it a habit to go there as often as possible. Especially Sundays, as we made Sundays his special fortress visit day, as long as the weather allows.

   He really is the most friendly and loving bunny anyone could ever ask for.

Love, the Pet of the Day
Love, the Pet of the Day

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