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Captain Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Captain Jack
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hahn's Macaw
Home: Kansas, USA
   Here is Captain Jack. Captain Jack resides here in Kansas with me. I love animals and birds. I had birds through middle school and high school. After moving into a house of my own, I decided to get a pet bird. I leaned towards a Hahn's macaw (since I have always desired to have a macaw, and they are the smallest).

    I found a lady that was weaning a baby. He had to be shipped to me by plane. The day came for me to pick him up at the airport, and I was so excited. We quickly became friends. Captain Jack is a sweet bird. He says hello and step up. I think it is funny he attacks the cell phone or unscrews the metal clip that a toy hangs on and tosses the toy to the ground.

    I do feel guilty right now when Captain Jack calls for me when he sees I am leaving to go to work. Since captive birds have their needs meet like Captain Jack having fresh water daily, fruits, brown rice, cashews, almonds, cooked beans, veggies, etc. he needs to have toys and interaction to keep him from getting bored! I do love my Hahns macaw. He is such a sweet guy. I am so glad I have him after wishing for a bird for so long!

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