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Firebolt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Firebolt
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Halfmoon Betta Fish
Home: New York, USA
   This is my black and gold halfmoon betta fish named Firebolt. He is named after a Buell Firebolt motorcycle that his color perfectly matches! I've had him for a little over a year but he was full grown when I got him so I'd say he's now a little over two years old. He loves to explore anything including my fingers! He is extremely active for a betta and zooms all over his tank. He will also flare his gills and fins if he sees his own reflection but he mostly swims all over the place.

    Firebolt loves his big tank. It was a tank set up for my other betta who just hated the large tank. Firebolt zooms back and forth all day and is constantly inspecting his decorations. He loves the space and uses every inch of it! Whenever I walk into the room he swims at the glass trying to get my attention because he wants food! I have taught him a few tricks. He will jump out of the water to get a piece of food from my finger. He will also follow my finger along the glass. Recently I've been working on a trick where I have him swim through a hoop in order to get food. Its slow going but he's starting to get it. He's very lively and curious. As I mentioned, he also will flare his gills at himself if he catches a reflection in the tank. Its quite amusing to see him go crazy trying to attack himself but eventually he gives up and goes back to chasing the snails or inspecting his territory.

    He was getting the hoop trick a few times, but he hasn't mastered it yet. I think he prefers dancing. Or at least it looks like he dances for me when I put my face close to the tank he swims in circles and dashes in every direction. I plan to have him for another three years or more. He's really healthy and quite the happy betta!

Firebolt, the Pet of the Day
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Firebolt, the Pet of the Day
Firebolt, the Pet of the Day
Firebolt, the Pet of the Day

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