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Romeo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Romeo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Spot Rabbit
Home: Downsville, New York, USA
   This is Romeo the English Spot rabbit. He is a year old. He's been training for rabbit hopping competitions and has won a few awards. We live in the little town of Downsville in the Catskill Mountains, in New York. What makes him special is he can do "rabbit agility." He's super fast and is friendly when he needs to be. We also have taken him to several rabbit shows and he has won many ribbons. Romeo is one of the best rabbits you will ever meet. Romeo has become a daddy to six little ones in the past month (who are rabbit hoppers in training), a picture is attached of them also!

    Romeo can jump sixteen inches. He's very adorable, and he walks on a leash. I take him everywhere, and feed him treats. He's a magnificent bunny all around. He is very outgoing, but is stubborn when he gets annoyed. He loves treats, especially yogis. Romeo's trick is jumping hurdles, much like a horse would. Romeo is very sweet, but gets annoyed when he can't move around , because he loves to run so much. He came from a ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) registered Rabbitry called , "watch me run spots". Romeo's father is named Marcel, and he is a grand champion. Romeo is a very special bunny. His girlfriend is Maltese Cross' Midnight Rose, and she is a registered grand champion English Spot. The English spots are one of my favorite breeds (of the 46 breeds in the ARBA). Like Romeo proves, they are friendly and active, and have tons of personality. They are overall very nice rabbits.

   See Romeo jumping

Romeo, the Pet of the Day
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Romeo, the Pet of the Day
Romeo, the Pet of the Day

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