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Molly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Molly
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pygmy Goat
Home: Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
   Molly is my very special goat. She is so smart I have trained her to do many things, including give a backscratch! She is very cuddly and is kind of "mamas girl" and likes to lay down and nap with me. She is so fun, she loves to play tag and hide and seek.

    I also have to say she hates loud noises, or just making funny noises with your tongue or even mimicking a motorcycle makes her cringe and run and hide behind someone. She also loves other baby animals, even the baby chicks!

    She can dance (and do a three-sixty in the air) wave, and as I mentioned, give me a backscratch. This is where she will jump on my back and scratch it, it feels good! She can jump four feet on a lead or even free handed. She is great around small children and is very careful with her horns. Molly has good posture and always stands still for vet visits and when people pet her. She loves to be brushed, too, she is just my baby.

Molly, the Pet of the Day
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Molly, the Pet of the Day
Molly, the Pet of the Day
Molly, the Pet of the Day

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