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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paso Fino
Home: Florida, USA
   This is my boy, Jake, He may not look it, but he is 22 years old, and he is a Paso Fino horse. He was my very first horse, and he has a awesome personality. He loves to run and play like he's still a youngster.

    He was clean before I got my camera out, but after he got a bath, he decided to roll, silly boy! He is a very good horse, and can be very patient when he wants to be. He let me put that cracker there for the other photo, and didn't shake it off and eat until I told him he could! Which was impressive, because he likes crackers and any other treat you might have with you, and can be a pest at times. He is a very special horse to me, and we have both learned a lot from each other!

Jake, the Pet of the Day
Jake, the Pet of the Day

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