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Freddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freddy
Age: Deceased, Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pygmy Goat
Home: Woodinville, Washington, USA
   Freddy was the best goat anyone could ask for. He loved to crawl into laps and be scratched underneath his cheeks and especially on his rump. He had many friends, human and fuzzy alike. He loved Nyxie the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and even let him sleep on his back. He also loved Blacky, a mix bunny, whom he slept with every night instead of his sister, Nelly.

    What made Freddy really special was how much fun he had all the time. He'd dance and buck and run through the yard, get chased by squirrels (one of his main fears), and valued his leisure time. We didn't think we wanted goats, but my husband's boss dropped two day-old goatlings on our doorstep and told us to bottle feed them while she was in Alaska. She didn't come back for four months, and by then, we had turned the garage into a barn, and the back yard into a goat paradise. He was the happiest goat you would ever meet, all the way to the end. Freddy passed away at seven years old. We all miss him like mad!

Freddy, the Pet of the Day
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Freddy, the Pet of the Day
Freddy, the Pet of the Day

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