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Spike, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spike
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Lebanon, Oregon, USA
   This is Spike, he is a one-year-old Bearded Dragon. Spike is special because he tolerates all the crazy stuff I do to him, like putting him on a leash or making him wear a hat! The leash, as you can see, is very soft, I made it from yarn so it wouldn't irritate his skin, which is actually more delicate than it looks. It really is skin, not armour, after all. He is an extremely photogenic lizard and constantly demands to be at the center of attention! And with a face like that, who could resist? He is a fun pet for sure!

    He doesn't really do any tricks but he does know when it's bedtime. I'll go into my room around 10:30pm and he will be sitting in his favorite spot to sleep and closes his eyes as soon as I turn off his light. His favorite foods are dandelions, green beans, bananas and yellow squash. He also likes my little dog, they will sometimes sit on the floor and lick each other!

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