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Sternchen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sternchen
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Germany
   Hi! My pet's name is "Sternchen" she is a rabbit and it's a girl. She is ten years old, and so she is pretty old for a rabbit to be. Sternchen lives in a hutch in our garage. I like to watch her when she cleans her coat, it looks so cute! She is very serious about staying very clean, too. I also love to see her when she's running through the garden. She looks so happy when she is out there when the weather is nice. She does not like it when it is very hot out, though, and prefers to stay in the shade in her hutch when it is. She also does not like getting her picture taken, so I had to hold her while it was taken, otherwise she hides when she sees it! I love Sternchen very much.

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