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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunny
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paint Horse
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Sun of a Gun's Bullet, also known as Sunny. Sunny is my eight-year-old Paint gelding boy. He's 16.2 hands high and could be considered a rescue. I got him three years ago from a guy who used him as a stud for four years. He had no shots, hadn't had his hooves done in who knows who long, no Coggins (the Coggins test checks for Equine Infectious Anemia antibodies in the horse's blood), was underweight, and was barely broke.

    I originally got him to be a project and for him to be my go-to horse once I retire my mare. After three years and quite a few falls later, not to mention the setbacks from injuries, the hours of training, and thoughts of giving up on him, he's close to being able to take over for my mare. This year we're going to start going to some fun shows, judged trail rides, and in three weeks he'll be going on his first camping trip.

    Sunny will follow me without a halter or lead, rides bareback in just a halter, and gives kisses on command. He crosses almost anything without question except for white things, which he's still scared of. Sunny has basically turned into a gentle giant with time, tender loving care, and quite a bit of patience.

Sunny, the Pet of the Day
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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Sunny, the Pet of the Day

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