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Pet of the Day
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Teddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Teddy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peruvian Guinea Pig
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   This is Teddy. He is a Peruvian guinea pig and is one year old. He lives with his friend Stewie (who doesn't hold still for photos) in Brooklyn, NY. Teddy is a ham and you can play with him like an action figure, and pose him for photos! When you hold him, he is like mush. He loves to lay down as flat as possible and enjoys having his chin scratched. He is very affectionate but a picky eater who only enjoys fresh lettuce and cucumber, although he will eat his other food when he must. The romaine and cucumber the piggers get only twice a day, as a fresh snack, otherwise it's pellets and timothy hay all the way! He is also big on naps. He does like getting brushed and he is currently sporting his snazzy summer do because it is hot in Brooklyn.

    Piggies are precious, sweet animals, but are also prey animals and are delicate, so Teddy and I want people to know to love their pigs and take care of them! And to adopt a piggie if they can! They are funny and social critters and are the perfect small pet!

Teddy, the Pet of the Day
Teddy, the Pet of the Day

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