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Tabasco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tabasco
Age: One year and three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: Quebec, Canada
   My pet is a lizard, more precisely a Leopard Gecko. It is a female and she is now aged one year and three months. She was born in Canada, near Toronto, but I'm not sure exactly where. This little lizard is really adorable, affectionate and especially photogenic, making her special and beautiful! For my part, I really like this lizard. I know she recognizse me and loves me as much as I love her.

    Tabasco is a High Yellow is one of several phases of a Leopard Gecko. The colors of the High Yellow stage consist of a yellow background, ranging from yellow, beige, to bright lemon yellow (the most sought after course). Black markings are a little less abundant than in the wild stage but can be just as dark.

    When I went to buy Tabasco, she was with other baby Leopards Geckos, surely her brothers and sisters. When I asked which gecko I wanted, I approach the glass and observed, they were all so beautiful! When I approached, Tabasco approached me too! She has a heart on the nose, but I do not know if you see it! This sounds maybe crazy, but I think we were already "connected" since our first sight of each other!

    When I got Tabasco, I thought it was a boy! That is why her name is more "masculine"! When I open her terrarium, she will come out of her cave and goes quickly to climb to the door, and then come out on my hands. That's why I think she's very affectionate! Also, she likes to stay on my shoulder, but sometimes it goes in my hair and there, she make me annoyed (but it's very funny!). I love her!

Tabasco, the Pet of the Day
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Tabasco, the Pet of the Day
Tabasco, the Pet of the Day
Tabasco, the Pet of the Day
Tabasco, the Pet of the Day

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