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Einstein, the Pet of the Day
Name: Einstein
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: French Lop Rabbit
Home: Sofia, Bulgaria
   This is Einstein and he is a French Lop Rabbit. One day I said to my boyfriend that I wanted a bunny, and three weeks later, on my birthday, I got him. I don't know his exact age because he was already quite big when I got him. But since he's becoming bigger I guess he's around one year old. This little thing actually was brought to me in a cage on a bike, so he had traveled half of my city riding with my boyfriend, so he still doesn't quite like him. At first he was really scared of me too, I had to chase him so that I could put him back in his cage. At that time I was calling him Destruction, because he ate all of the cables in my room, two telephone cables in the hallway and half of the parquet there. Since then my family has not really liked him, they are a bit scared of him too. But he became part of my little animal family, which now consists of him, a cat and a Labrador dog, and all of them are black for some reason.

    I named him Einstein part because of his shaggy fur behind his ears and part because after he got used to my house, he started to do crazy stuff. He first learned how to open his cage and he started jumping out of nowhere sometimes when he was out of it. He learned that when I go to a door I'm going away, and he has to be the first to go through so that he won't stay locked somewhere, or if I was in any other room he would be scratching the door until I open it. He was actually bitting my cat when she was trying to play with me.

    When it got hotter I started to let him go to the terrace and there he dug out one of my grandmothers pots and started to play with it by dragging and pushing it. But most of the time Einstein is really calm, he loves to be petted, he gives kisses and lays next to me, he goes everywhere I go and he knows that when I say his name he has to stop doing what he is doing and get out of there or when I open my arms he has to come. He's a sweet little crazy creature and I love him.

    Video of Einstein playing.

Einstein, the Pet of the Day
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Einstein, the Pet of the Day
Einstein, the Pet of the Day
Einstein, the Pet of the Day

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