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Nougat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nougat
Age: Three weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: Berlin, Germany
   This is my sweet little male rat. His name is Nougat. His mother came to us just about a month ago. That was a few days before he was born. Nougat was born then in the afternoon with 8 other siblings.

    Since he is only three weeks old, he explores a lot. He always wants to try new things, whether it's something to eat or something new to climb. He does not do much yet as he's still a baby other than go to his his mum to drink, and to eat cat food and dry food. However, he climbs for his life so very high and his brother's a little annoyed by him, and tweaks his rat tail when he climbs the cage. He also rages like crazy when we ask him to play with us.

    Nougat is a Chocolate Blazed Variegated fancy rat and he does his name justice, as he is sweet as sugar. Once the door of the cage open he will be waiting for the big wide world to explore. Everyone who sees it is immediately blown away. He's so cute! He will certainly be a very big huggy rat when he grows up.

Nougat, the Pet of the Day
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Nougat, the Pet of the Day
Nougat, the Pet of the Day

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