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Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cloud Strife
Age: One year, eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boa Constrictor
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Cloud is my (nearly) five-foot-long, male boa constrictor, who is still growing like a weed at two to three inches every month! There are many kinds of boa constrictor, with their own size range, coloration, patterns, and even temperament, but I am unsure of Cloud's heritage as I got him from a pet store without his papers. He's gained some weight since I last had him weighed, but he was weighed at four pounds six ounces (1.98 kg) at the vet's last month. I expect him to max out at six or seven feet and 20-30 pounds (1.83-2.13 m, 9-13 kg), although eight-foot males aren't unheard of.

    When I got Cloud almost two years ago, I knew exactly what snake I would get as my second. I had already had a ball python for about five years, and I wanted to get a bit of a larger snake. I also researched my local laws to be sure that boa constrictors were not included in any snake laws, and I determined they were perfectly legal and did not require a permit, so I began looking for one. I went to a pet store nearby who also takes in people's unwanted pets as well as breeder's unwanted babies. They sell fish and reptiles there, and the first time I went looking, they had this beautiful little boa constrictor on display: exactly what I was looking for!

    I asked to hold him, and the guy brought him out for me to hold. He had a very tight grip and was looking right at me as he twisted around my fingers. He was perfectly healthy; no stuck sheds, no RI, and no sign of injuries or dryness. We got a good deal on him, because he'd never sold an animal so quickly. Cloud had only been there for a few months, and acclimated quickly with me. He stayed in a little five gallon tank (19 l) until I was able to get a 115 quart (109 l) tub for him to stay in, which he had been in for a little over a year. We recently made new enclosures for both of my snakes, measuring six feet long, three feet tall, and two feet wide (1.83 x 0.91 x 0.61 m). They both have been thriving in them, and Cloud has eaten twice since I introduced him to his new home. He even ate after only being in it for a few days. He's been exploring the enclosure up and down, and climbing in his his little tree.

    Whenever someone walks by his enclosure, his head pops right out of his hide, and he'll either watch you with his tongue flicking, or come right up to the door, watching you. Sometimes he likes to bury himself in his bedding, and will pop his head up, with a little pile of dirt on his head, whenever he feels someone approaching. When I bring him out, he'll look me straight in the eyes and flick his tongue on the tip of my nose before crawling around. His favorite places to hang out on me are the top of my head, across my shoulders, and wrapped around my waist. He also loves to go outside in the sun, and has recently begun to enjoy climbing, which is a common love of many boa constrictors. He also has a strange fascination with my camera, and will head straight for it, if it's in front of him, to crawl over it and wrap around it. He's at the size now where he knocks over even the heaviest things, and can be difficult to unwrap from things he gets into, because he's very strong. That's why I like to take him outside where he has plenty of room to roam without getting into trouble.

    He's the more laid-back of the two of my snakes, and won't hiss, even if I have to bother him while in shed. Shedding time is amusing for me, because he prefers to shed in his hides, and I get this little ball of shed to unravel. He enjoys to come out whenever, and can be very persistent when I try to put him back in. He's also like a trash can, and will eat even if my other one won't, so he provides a lot of relief for me when I'm always so worried about if my ball python, Bud, will eat or not.

    I am so glad I decided to get him, and he has vastly expanded my love of snakes, and I hope to add more to my family in the future!

Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day
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Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day
Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day
Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day
Cloud Strife, the Pet of the Day

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