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Tongs, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tongs
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: Scotland, UK
   Hello there! Meet Tongs the Leopard Gecko. What makes her so special is her adorable smile, and her friendly personality. Whenever we open up her terrarium to feed her she climbs out onto my hands to say hello, and she enjoys chilling out next to us on the bed because it's so cozy.

    She's very social, doesn't like to be on her own. She has a partner who shares her home with her, his name is Rocky. She loves people, so we introduce her to everyone who visits. She never, ever bites or snaps at anyone. Her favorite foods are crickets, locusts and meal worms although she likes the occasional wax worm. I'd say her favorite thing to do is explore, we let her sit with us all the time and she just loves the attention. I wouldn't say she knows any tricks but when she's really excited she's wags her tail, kinda like a puppy. It's so adorable! She's extremely active and can barely sit still. When she's not sleeping she's exploring the world around her. While Rocky is a lot more solitary and prefers to sit by himself, Tongs is a total social butterfly! She's the most friendly, cutesy wee Leopard Gecko in the world and we love her so much.

Tongs, the Pet of the Day

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