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Welsh Saymoona, the Pet of the Day
Name: Welsh Saymoona
Age: Two months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh Mountain Pony
Home: Limburg, Belgium
   This is Welsh Saymoona. She's a two months old Welsh Pony filly. She's the foal of my mare Shore Brooks Welsh Symbol. This is the first foal that I have seen being born! Saymoona is an amazing foal. She's really sweet and her favorite thing to do is cuddling, Saymoona loves attention!

    She is very independent and always curious. But she has also a strong character and likes doing her own thing. She's still very young but she already can give a hoof (like a dog giving a paw). She's really the best thing that happened to me and I hope can see her all her growing up years and am curious to see what she is like as an adult.

Welsh Saymoona, the Pet of the Day
Welsh Saymoona, the Pet of the Day

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