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Berlin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Berlin
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Bunny
Home: Michigan, USA
   Berlin and her best friend Tango are two new members of the family. She is about five months old and very much a young bunny full of non-stop energy. Berlin is still very shy at being petted and held, but in the comfort of her cage she jumps, runs and chews everything! The only trick she knows is to move things out of the way. If there is a trail of playing cards, she will pick up each one and throw it to her side, until they are all out of her way. She has definite opinions as to where she should be able to hop!

    Being new to the family, Berlin's only favorite foods right now are Timothy Hay and bananas. She will get many treats and will definitely have many favorites as time goes on! Berlin will be a very spoiled bunny with a family that already loves her!

Berlin, the Pet of the Day
Berlin, the Pet of the Day

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