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Finesse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Finesse
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian Horse
Home: Sodus, New York, USA
   This is Finesse! She's my eighteen-year-old Arabian mare. Together we live in upstate New York. Last summer I began a volunteer position at our local Large Animal Shelter as a horse trainer. I have been around horses my whole life and I took up riding when I was four. Finesse was just one of the many horses that stole my heart away. After almost nine years of pestering my grandparents for a horse, I was informed that summer that I was allowed to chose one from the shelter. I chose Finesse becuase of her sweet demeanor, and the affection she showed towards me. When I worked at the farm, on my lunch breaks, I'd sit in the grass next to the fence, where she'd be grazing at the other side. I took her a carrot every day. I got to bring Finesse home on my Grandma's birthday on August 1. Grandma said that seeing me ride my first horse so happily was the best birthday present she could have ever asked for.

    I love Finesse with all my heart and I'd be lost without her. Whenever I'm down in the dumps, a nice trail ride through the woods with Finesse is all I need to feel better. She's all the therapy I could ever need.

Finesse, the Pet of the Day
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Finesse, the Pet of the Day
Finesse, the Pet of the Day
Finesse, the Pet of the Day

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