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Wolke, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wolke
Age: Two 1/2 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Long-Hair Guinea Pig
Home: Germany
   This is my guinea pig. Her name is Wolke and she is two years old, her birthday is on 31.07.10. She is a long-hair guinea pig, and is a girl, of course. She lives in a custom cage from my mums friend. He is a carpenter, and built it special just for her, with ramps and lots of wood to chew on. I love her so much because she has crazy and comfortable hair, and I love to pet her. She has a sister whose name is Zoe, and she is the pet of my sister. Wolke is very friendly and like her treats very much, too. I love her.

Wolke, the Pet of the Day

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