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Kip, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kip
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lion Head rabbit
Home: Midlands, England
   I love my Kippy. I lost my old bunny whom I loved to pieces. I said to myself, "I won't get another one!" but after two months I couldn't hack it anymore, and went in search of a bunny. I looked high and low before I came across this little bunny. I just knew when I saw him, he was the one for me. He was there with his brother I was thinking "should I buy both?" I felt bad parting them but now am so glad I didn't get both! Kip's a right handful!

    I didn't have a cage for him at the time but I still bought him, and went to visit him in the pet shop every day for twelve days until I had a cage for him. He was a little timid bunny when he first came home, but now he's got the run of the house and he's really cocky. We spend time together on my bed, we just lay and have cuddles together. It's lovely. I have two female guinea pigs and he loves them to pieces! He always lays down near them and licks their ears, it's so cute! At night time he will lay down on the sofa with me. He likes licking me, too, it's so sweet. Even clothes I'm not wearing get a lick! I love him so much I couldn't be without him; he made life complete. I had such a hole in my heart when last bunny died. Kip has come along and slowly stitched that hole right back up. I love my Kipster!

Kip, the Pet of the Day
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Kip, the Pet of the Day
Kip, the Pet of the Day

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