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Eblis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eblis
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Crested Gecko
Home: Hoorn, The Netherlands
   This is Eblis (the name is also the name of a demon/fallen angel, it also means 'despair'). She is a little baby crested gecko. She hatched on the 6th of August, so she's now six months old. She's a crested gecko, and her color morph is called 'flame.'

    She is just a cutie! She is still young and somewhat afraid of me, and all she does is jump around when I take her out of her cage, but I hope in the future she will calm down a bit.

    Crested geckos are hard to find in the wild. They only live on a little piece on a little island next to Australia (New Caledonia) and nowhere else. First people thought they were extinct, but they got rediscovered in 1994. I'm glad they are so popular to keep as a pet, because they are such beautiful and wonderful creatures, and that way we can make sure they don't go extinct. They aren't that hard to take care of, either. They eat all kinds of insects and Crested Gecko Diet, that stuff smells like rotten fruit, yummy (to her anyway)! I do love her just the way she is!

Eblis, the Pet of the Day
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Eblis, the Pet of the Day
Eblis, the Pet of the Day

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