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Rosy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rosy
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Crimson Rosella
Home: Victoria, Australia
   Rosy is around sixteen years old, and most likely male, though we never had him tested to make sure. Rosy made his way home one day inside my father's hard-hat. He was blind and must have fallen from the nest while learning to fly. Unable to fend for himself or return to the nest, he was being attacked by a family of magpies before he was rescued. Suffering from severe shock, we didn't really expect him to survive the night, but we gave him the best chance we could and it did the trick. He made a good recovery and has been boss of the aviary ever since. He often gets to run outside on some grass whenever his buddy Cocky the Corella does, albeit with a lot more careful monitoring. He also has daily visits from the local wild population of both Crimson and Eastern Rosellas, although the one seen in the photo seems to be his special friend.

    Rosy is a very dominant bird, and a lot more independent/wild than most other "hand-raised" birds. But he is quite talkative and friendly when approached carefully. His blindness causes a lot of anguish though and he isn't one to give warning bites, which helps his assertiveness but not his social life. He is incredibly vain and takes daily baths in both the water bowl and the sand pit, preening for hours afterwards and has many obligatory sun-baking sessions. He is a special bird!

Rosy, the Pet of the Day
Rosy, the Pet of the Day

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