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Pet of the Day
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Bodi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bodi
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: USA
   Hello! I'd love to introduce my cuddly parrot, Bodi! Bodi is a sun conure, and is a real clown. He blows raspberries when told to be good. He's flight trained to fly to me when called, and loves nothing more then to curl up in the hood of my hoodie for a good snuggle. He will turn around on the spot if offered a treat (the only way I can get him to do such a trick). One of his favorite games is "Pick it up!" where he throws toys off the top of his playgym, expecting me or someone else in the family to put them back up there, only to have them thrown off yet again! He's just like a human toddler!

    Bodi is special in so many ways, I couldn't possibly list them all. Bodi is more or less treated like royalty in our family, even if I am the only one who can hold him without getting a beaky bite! He's been prone to literally back-talk when spoken to. A frequent occurrence when it's time to go to bed comes with me telling him to go to bed, and being answered with "No!" from him.

    Bodi is very cheeky, but that's half the fun of having him around. And he most certainly is noisy! But we hear it so much, we're more or less used to it and don't really "hear" it any more. Between 12-3 there is usually a good twenty-minute scream fest, and that's about it for the day unless he sees me pass in the other room. Then he screams for attention, wanting mama to come in and pick him up!

    Bodi gets up every morning between nine to ten to have Cheerios for breakfast and to clamor on Mama (me) while I clean up his cage and arrange his food and water for the day. At night time (also between nine to ten but at night) he gets a peanut before tucking in for the night. He often blows kisses to wish me a good night when I cover his cage for the night.

    I've had Bodi since he was a tiny ball of floof. His feathers were still growing in. And from that day, he's been one of my best friends, and never ceases to make me smile daily!

Bodi, the Pet of the Day
Bodi, the Pet of the Day

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