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Siv, the Pet of the Day
Name: Siv
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Steppe Runner Lizard
Home: San Angelo, Texas, USA
   Siv (which means "grey" in Bulgarian) is a young male steppe runner lizard native to the semi-arid regions of western Europe and Russia. Steppe runners (Eremias arguta) are extremely new to the pet reptile community so we are all still learning about this beautiful little lizard. Although he is young, he is full grown at about five inches long. He eats mainly insects and his favorite seems to be crickets as he loves to chase them down.

    Caring for these types of lizards is extremely easy once you get their habitat set up correctly. They are terrestrial lizards, meaning they need more ground space to crawl around on than vertical space to climb. Full grown, they will need a terrarium the size of a twenty gallon tank at minimum, but bigger is always better. They are from semi arid regions and prefer sand or sand-like substrate to dig and burrow in, as well as lots of rocks to climb and bask on. Think "desert" when decorating the terrarium and you can't go wrong. They do require special UVB light and a photo-period of about eight to ten hours a day, as UVB light helps aid in the digestion of certain vitamins.

    For such a small lizard, he is relatively tame! There are times when he just doesn't want to be held and will bury himself, but most of the time he is just as content to rest on the palm of your hand. And he never bites or shows any sign of aggression. Overall, he is a super cool little lizard and I think everybody should have one.

Siv, the Pet of the Day
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Siv, the Pet of the Day
Siv, the Pet of the Day

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