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Joey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Joey
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Fishers, Indiana, USA
   My pet is special because he's more unique than other pets that I've had. Joey is my third rabbit, but is the only who was a baby when I got him. He was six weeks old when I met him. I picked him from the group of rabbits because he was different. There were a bunch of rabbits that looked the same, but I wanted one different. They were mostly Dutch Papillon rabbits. But then I saw Joey chillin' as he looked at me. I chose him.

    So, he does things that makes see him as unique. The first thing I realized about him was that he loves to lick people. When I let him crawl over me he comes right to my face and starts licking it. He especially loves to lick my nose. Sometimes he licks inside my nose. Eww!

    He likes to sit in his food box which he has done since he first came home. He's grown a bit and can barely fit in his food box anymore. That doesn't stop him though. His legs look like they get stuck when he's in there now.

    When I'm watching TV I let Joey sit on top of the couch, (shown in the picture) and he watches the TV with me. When something shocking happens, in the show we're watching, I turn to Joey and he turns to me and we're both like: "Did you see that?!" He and I love to watch Spongebob Squarepants together.

    On Christmas morning, I gave him first carrot... Well, I tried too. He wouldn't give it one bite. After maybe twenty minutes of trying, I gave up and put him in his play pen. I left the carrot there too. When I came back, the carrot had vanished! Joey ate the carrot when nobody was around. Maybe he's a shy eater like another rabbit we have. After Christmas, it was snowing outside and I wanted Joey to enjoy his first Winter with us. I put him outside in the snow, and he just stood still. He looked around then at me. "Put me back inside now!" his expression told me. I put him inside and he was glaring at me! He kept glaring at me the whole day. I was really shocked! I guess he is no snow bunny!

    My family loves Joey, but nobody loves him more then me. He's my little baby, and he always will be.

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