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Kiba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kiba
Age: Two years seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Corn Snake
Home: Haarlem, The Netherlands
   Kiba is the first snake I ever owned after having contact with a lot of animals in my life (dogs, cats, rabbits, pigeons, chicken, gerbils). I always was surrounded by animals since I was small, but sadly got allergic to fur, especially that of cats and dogs as well as small animals, so I needed to give up my precious gerbils.

    As I felt a huge hole appearing in my heart, I wanted some animal to close that. It was meant to be an animal that also didn't cause too much noise and fuzz, so after nine months of careful thinking, I chose to pick a snake. I had contact with Kiba's Breeder for almost eight months and when he hatched I knew it must be him. He is a Corn Snake Anery het Amel Motley 66% poss het Hypo, Caramel.

    Ever since I got him, he immediately took over hearts of friends and family who objected my choice of picking a snake as my pet by his natural instinct to carefully explore, but also being reckless at the same time (as he proved when escaping from his temporary box for 24 hours and relaxing on the floor heating in the kitchen where we found him). He survived a move from Germany to The Netherlands and even my other two moves in The Netherlands in especially cold winter in early Feb 2011 with -10 C.

    Still he manages to surprise me with sudden aggressive behavior toward the shadow of my hand near the terrarium when food time is near, but directly after being out on my hand/arm, he's calm and behaves as he would never could get aggressive to me really ever!

Kiba, the Pet of the Day

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