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Bounty the Mouse Bounty
Niedersaschen, Germany
January 01, 2013

Zane the Guinea Pig Zane
Guinea Pig
Westchester, Illinois, USA
January 02, 2013

Kiba the Corn Snake Kiba
Corn Snake
Haarlem, The Netherlands
January 03, 2013

Pepe the Parrot Pepe
Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina
January 04, 2013

Lilly the Bearded Dragon Lilly
Bearded Dragon
Durham, UK
January 05, 2013

Poe the Rabbit Poe
January 06, 2013

Spencer the Guinea Pig Spencer
Guinea Pig
Ponchatoula, Louisiana, USA
January 07, 2013

Joey the Rabbit Joey
Fishers, Indiana, USA
January 08, 2013

Siv the Steppe Runner Lizard Siv
Steppe Runner Lizard
San Angelo, Texas, USA
January 09, 2013

Bodi the Sun Conure Bodi
Sun Conure
January 10, 2013

Ninni the Chinese Dwarf Hamster Ninni
Chinese Dwarf Hamster
Western Finland
January 11, 2013

Daisy the Lop Rabbit Daisy
Lop Rabbit
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
January 12, 2013

Rosy the Crimson Rosella Rosy
Crimson Rosella
Victoria, Australia
January 13, 2013

Eblis the Crested Gecko Eblis
Crested Gecko
Hoorn, The Netherlands
January 14, 2013

Scamper the Fancy Rat Scamper
Fancy Rat
Missoula, Montana, USA
January 15, 2013

Kip the Lion Head rabbit Kip
Lion Head rabbit
Midlands, England
January 16, 2013

Paarthumax the Blue Tongue Skink Paarthumax
Blue Tongue Skink
North Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
January 17, 2013

Wolke the Long Hair Guinea Pig Wolke
Long Hair Guinea Pig
January 18, 2013

Ned the Bearded Dragon Ned
Bearded Dragon
Bath, UK
January 19, 2013

Finesse the Arabian Horse Finesse
Arabian Horse
Sodus, New York, USA
January 20, 2013

Midna the Ferret Midna
St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA
January 21, 2013

Linda the Rabbit Linda
Waghäusel, Germany
January 22, 2013

Sky the Budgerigar Sky
California, USA
January 23, 2013

Savana the Horse Savana
January 24, 2013

Laila the Angora, Himalayan Rabbit Laila
Angora, Himalayan Rabbit
West Yorkshire, England, UK
January 25, 2013

Charlie the Dwarf Hamster Charlie
Dwarf Hamster
Saxony, Germany
January 26, 2013

Milas the Haflinger Horse Milas
Haflinger Horse
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
January 27, 2013

Axew the Leopard Gecko Axew
Leopard Gecko
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
January 28, 2013

Winnie the Yellow Naped Amazon parrot Winnie
Yellow Naped Amazon parrot
Pennsylvania, USA
January 29, 2013

Berlin the Dutch Bunny Berlin
Dutch Bunny
Michigan, USA
January 30, 2013

Sally the Guinea Pig Sally
Guinea Pig
North Carolina, USA
January 31, 2013

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