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Possum, the Pet of the Day
Name: Possum
Age: Deceased, Five years, seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Crested Golden Agouti Guinea pig
Home: Australia
   My guinea pig was special because we had a really strong trust. I could leave him out in the open at the front of my house and he wouldn't run away. Even at the park down our street, I put him on the grass and stood next to him and he wouldn't move at all, because he knew he was safe with me.

    He used to sit with me on my lap top. His little paws would be on the track pad and he would be watching the screen at what I am doing, like if he were here right now he would be doing the same. But sometimes, because he was on the track pad, I couldn't use the mouse so the curser wouldn't move because it was registering as the track pad being the main controller even if he moved just a little. I would then go to push him off the mouse pad gently so I could actually use my lap top but he would sook at me and we would kinda have a mini argument over the mouse pad. He would literally refuse to get off and I would say "Possum just for a few seconds! Come on!" And of course all you would hear from him is sooking "Squee wee wee" (No no no)!

    Also if I ate jelly anywhere near him, he would try to eat some, but of course I couldn't let him ... except the first time I was a little surprised so I didn't really do anything to stop him so I just watched him for a few moments. Haha! The picture of Possum on the banana chair, was taken in my backyard. He has passed on now, about two years ago, but he was the best guinea pig I had.

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