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Blue Bell, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blue Bell
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Shropshire, England, UK
   Blue Bell is a beautiful color, almost blue, and has a really pretty face. You may think she looks quite sinister in this photo, but she is actually soft as heck!

    She is a house bunny, she likes to follow you around then run away when you try and pick her up, for some reason she loves the bathroom. She does like a love and a kiss but if you hold her for too long she nibbles you to tell you to let her down. when the sun shines through the window she sun bathes in it. We take her out on a little lead some times to get her out and about with her friend Ash.

    She is very smart, she has learned how to escape the cage, I got back home last night and she had escaped and pulled open the hay bag and made a nest by the bin with it all! Such a naughty little bunny, but we love her!

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