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Blu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blu
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Indian Ringneck
Home: Germany
   Blu was one of the best birds I've ever had. He liked to nibble on everything, pencils, pieces of paper, well just on everything. He also liked to stay on the top of bottles next to me, or hang on my lamp and nibble on the little lights. He was just crazy. And he reminded me of a dog, when someone was near the house (he was able to look out of the window) and I was not at home or not in the room, he shrieked. He also dug the flower soil out of a plant in my room, after he ate the plant itself.

    Blu liked to sit near me, but he didn't like it when I touched him. Hands, yeah well, hands were a problem for him, especially hands with gloves on. He also sat on the door often when I left the room, because he waited for me. The funny thing was when we got my female, Kiwi. We let her sit in the cage for the first days and Blu had to sleep outside, but he didn't like it. He was always sleepy for these three days and tried to stuck his head into the cage. Well he was able to do this, because the bars of the cage had a big distance between. But just his head fit. When he sat inside the cage and it wasn't open he stuck his head out of the cage. That's why his feathers at the neck looked rough like you see in one photo. Blu had to sleep outside of the cage when we brought Kiwi home because he attacked her. It was quiet normal that he was doing this, I mean a stranger came into his home. They did eventually come to be friends, as you see.

    The drapes were a thing for him too. He climbed on them, and there is this ribbon you can use to put the shutter up. He liked to glide down this ribbon like a firefighter. I loved this bird so much, but one day he flew away. He escaped through the window. His cage was toppled and he flew away through crack between the wall and the window. He was a really curious bird and loved to explore things. I think that's why he flew away, because I know he liked me and maybe loved me a lot. He would following me all the time and woke me up so I could get him out of the cage in the morning. I hope he found somewhere safe to live, but he had never been outside, and I knew he probably would not know how to find his way home.

    I miss him, but hope he is okay somewhere out there. We want everyone who has birds to know to make sure doors and windows are always safely latched shut, so this does not happen to them. And maybe practice having your bird come to you if you call him or her, make a game out of it. That might have helped, but we never did that with Blu, we just never thought anything like that would ever happen!

Blu, the Pet of the Day
Blu, the Pet of the Day

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