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Julča, the Pet of the Day
Name: Julča
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Djungarian hamster
Home: Czech Republic
   This is Julča, and she is one year old Djungarian hamster proudly living in the Czech Republic. Julča is my sixth hamster - well, I'm real hamster lover. I was so sad when hamster I had before died that I simply had to buy another one. At the pet store I looked at all hamsters and I chose her. She was just too lovely baby to not carry her away! She is very nice and soft and she totally loves sunflower seeds. When she wants them she tries to walk on two feet like human. Then you just can't resist and give her some of her favorite seeds! She's slim, but as you can see, she loves them so much she always takes all of them into her cheek pouches so that she looks like a fluffy ball. And what about vegetables and the rest? Well, she eats almost everything ... and very, very quickly.

    Her favorite game is to bite my sister's favorite house socks and run away before anyone notices. And if my sister notices it, Julča tries to escape her hands with sparks of laughter in her tiny eyes. She's our little wild one. Also she loves running in her pink wheel or climbing in her cage. But unlike our other hamsters she doesn't like running ball. I think she takes it like punishment, so we don't use it.

   She's simply awesome and I'm really glad I have her!

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