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Nigel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nigel
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Sulfur Crested Cockatoo
Home: Australia
   Hello there I'd like to nominate one of my wild pets, Nigel. I say wild pet because he was a wild-born bird but he adopted us! As I said, Nigel is actually a wild cockatoo, he started coming to our house after he noticed the scrub turkeys were being fed. He watched closely at what the turkeys did by standing at the door, and then we would bring food out. For two years we have been feeding these birds and Nigel loves it. When I come outside to feed them he flies down onto my shoulder and I give him food from there, that way he won't get bullied by the other birds.

    Nigel is a sulfur crested cockatoo from Australia, like all cockatoos he is a bit of a thief, he stole one of our feeding cups one day. But he was so naughty and didn't bring it back! Nigel will always hop onto your shoulder or leg, he doesn't bite and he lets you pat him, as long as he has his food he is one happy bird!

    Nigel can be annoying when he doesn't get what he wants. One day it was a warm day and our budgies got really hot from being outside, I brought them inside and sat them at the back door so they could still see outside but it wasn't as hot. Nigel came to the door and asked for food, I ignored him and then he started crying. I had to get up and get him some food, I put some food out for him outside but then all the other birds came down and bullied him. Nigel came back to the door but didn't stop, he trotted over to the budgie cage and saw their seed bell, he flew up on top of the cage and tried to get it out. "Nigel!" I shouted, he looked around and noticed where he actually was, inside our house! He ran back outside and sat at the back door like nothing happened. But we love him anyway!

Nigel, the Pet of the Day
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Nigel, the Pet of the Day
Nigel, the Pet of the Day
Nigel, the Pet of the Day

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