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Pest, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pest
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Japanese Quail
Home: Tyrol, Austria
   Pest has quite a story! When we bought her from a poor farm, she had barely any feathers left on her skin, and she was very small. Her claws and her beak were so long that she looked almost a little scary. We called her 'Pest' because of her look and especially because of her very long beak. As you can see, with love and good food and care, she grew to become the lovely bird you see now, but the name stuck!

    Now Pest is a very friendly quail. She was not as shy as the three other quails we bought with her, and she got along well with our older, much bigger and darker quails. She always seemed to have a thing for cameras. We took lots of pictures of her to be able to show how she grew and how her feathers came back. After a few months, she was the most beautiful quail we have ever had! And she couldn't fly away because of her small wings, so we let her go on walks in our garden sometimes. We soon recognized that she did not even try to hide or run away; most of the time, she was just standing around, eating some clover.

    I take my camera out a lot these days. One day we took her out on a little photo shoot. We went to the nearby forest and sat her on twigs, on moss, stones, whatever we could find for her to sit on. She made an awesome model! That's how we figured out Pest's talent. We started to promote her, tell relatives about the little quail and after a few more months, we had made her quite popular! Pest made us establish a group of photo-modeling-quails and we take her out to train with them. In winter, they all pause. First, because it's cold, and second, because they get to have some free time, too.

    Pest gives us lots of love, makes our lives funnier and her name has become a kind of a cult in the ranks of our most loved quails. Don't you believe me? Just look at the pictures we took of her, and you will see that a very small quail named Pest could get famous, just because she wanted to be!

    She is so special because she poses for the camera, is very calm and friendly and she doesn't fear anything despite her poor start in life. She's cute, friendly, does photo shoots, and really teaches the younger quails. We already had her in a program teaching our youngest quails (mostly the chicks) that they don't have to fear many predators in their cages and that we are friendly people, and she did a great job!=

Pest, the Pet of the Day
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Pest, the Pet of the Day
Pest, the Pet of the Day
Pest, the Pet of the Day

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