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Tommy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tommy, Lucky
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgies
Home: Essen, Germany
   These are my birds Tommy and Lucky. They are three years old, and they are budgies and are both girls. When they were young, they were very shy. So I would take them in my hands, and now they are no longer shy. I feed them apples, salad and corn, but I do not feed them carrots because they do not like them. After they eat, they go out of the cage and fly around in the dining room. They like our lamp because they think it is a good sleeping place for them. Before they go to sleep in the evening, we take them to our living room and they watch TV with us. If they are tired, they hang on to their cage so I have to cover the cage with a cloth and then they go to sleep.

Tommy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Tommy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day

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