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Aquarelle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Aquarelle
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: White Ebony Chinchilla
Home: Lille (Nord, 59), France
   What makes my pet special? Maybe her sweet face, I think :)! Many people tell me she's so beautiful and they want to take her! Aquarelle is a white ebony chinchilla from Chincholla Elevage, in Belgium, near Li¸ge. She was born on the 26th June of this year, so she's young!

    As a rodent lover, I've created, with help of friends, the club A.F.A.R. (Association Francophone des Amateurs de Rongeurs) which groups some people who love rodents and own one or some differents species of them.

    My Aquarelle's breeder joined the club about two years ago... and she gave me the occasion to discover how chinchillas really are. All of them are so differents than each other... So, one day, I knew that I would adopt a chinchilla from this breeder. When I finally had to take care five chinchillas during one week after the Animal Expo (long story) in October, I completely fell in love with one beautiful girl. She seemed to be so sweet, and so nice that I decided to tell her breeder I wanted to adopt her. And she has accepted! Aquarelle was mine from this time on!

    That is said, I decided to adopt an only chinchilla just because I was afraid to be exceeded with two or more. So that she doesn't feel alone, I try to be as present as I can in the evening, when she is active. She likes to jump on the sofa when she's out her big cage. Chinchillas like hugs, but they don't like to stay in the same place too long. I do love her!

    My website is Élevage des Free-Mouse where you can see more photos.

Aquarelle, the Pet of the Day
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Aquarelle, the Pet of the Day
Aquarelle, the Pet of the Day
Aquarelle, the Pet of the Day

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