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Kahlua, Lux, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kahlua, Lux
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   Kahlua and Lux are the second guinea piggies I've owned. After my last guinea pig passed away I was devastated, but I decided I could simply not be without a guinea pig. They have been absolutely wonderful. Since my last guinea pig was very intelligent and could do tricks, I've tried to teach these two several tricks, but they always seem to sneak the treats out of my hand before I can get them to do the trick! They both have very different personalities. Lux (Black one) is very intelligent, very skittish and we like to call her 'crazy piggy' because she cannot seem to sit still. She loves to crawl up onto my shoulder and is very content to stay there. She also adores pockets and hoods, since she is so tiny.

    Kahlua is the gingerish coloured one. She is almost the opposite of Lux, as she is very calm and loving, and is content to just cuddle all day. She was the original guinea pig I was going to get, until I learned she was female and then got Lux as well. Kahlua does not move a lot, however, since she is such a big softie and a very lazy one. I love them both!

Kahlua, Lux, the Pet of the Day
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Kahlua, Lux, the Pet of the Day
Kahlua, Lux, the Pet of the Day

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