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Dumbledore, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dumbledore
Age: 27 months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese Point Rat
Home: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   Dumbledore is a real sweetie. She loves to sleep on my foot and chew up the paper in the recycling bin (thankfully not at the same time). She is the oldest rat of my bunch and is very special, because she knows exactly how to get away from the young troublemakers ( she comes running to me for protection).

    Dumbledore is very affectionate, but only on her own terms. She is officially an "elderly" rat so I suspect she has certain issues with pain or discomfort in a sort of rattish arthritis. She'll snatch a treat like nobody's business, but she is gentle in just about every other respect. She does really enjoy getting into the recycling and the garbage (but I have covered the latter) and when she climbs down from anything it's not a straight climb anymore, she gets about halfway down and does a twist/flip off the edge. Her favourite hiding place when the youngsters are after her is between my legs while I'm kneeling on the floor, I guess she feels safe there!

Dumbledore, the Pet of the Day
Dumbledore, the Pet of the Day

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