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Loki, the Pet of the Day
Name: Loki
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Crested gecko
Home: Hoorn, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
   I got my very first Crested geckos about a year ago, in December. They were a pair. I named the mother Daeva (a yellow dalmatian) and the father Ineru (harlequin). I totally loved them. I also was able to get them to breed this season. I was in love with red crested geckos, too, so I reserved one at a breeder so I could pick it up at a future reptile show.

    But life had a little surprise for me. Out of the first egg that hatched came Loki, and all of the sudden I got myself a beautiful dark red baby! I couldn't believe it at first, because none of the parents show any traces of red coloring. Not even a red blush or a dot. I was super excited, of course. All the other eggs hatched flame/harlequin (which is kinda regular colored in the crested gecko world). It's weird to see, really. It's almost like he was adopted, but we know better!

    I love my little Loki. His white mouth, big crests and endless smile make me happy every time I look at him. And yes, that is his mother he is standing on in two of the photos!

    I still got the other red crested gecko from the show. Now that I have two reddies, I really hope they will turn out to be a male and a female. Because, I think you can never have too much red babies! I love my little Loki, whichever gender he turns out to be!

    For more about Loki, visit Deviantart, Facebook, or Dusty zoo (in Dutch).

Loki, the Pet of the Day
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Loki, the Pet of the Day
Loki, the Pet of the Day
Loki, the Pet of the Day

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