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Pepper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pepper
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard grey chinchilla
Home: Ontario, Canada
   This is Pepper, my first and only chinchilla. I can only approximate his age at approximately 8 years old, as this little guy's been passed around a bit! He had two owners before he came to me. His first owners were friends of my cousin who bought him (likely as a 'novelty pet'), but it seems they quickly grew tired of him, acquired more animals, and he became pretty much ignored. From what I've been told, he was situated in the basement of their house where it was dark for the vast majority of the time, and hardly ever got any social interaction. If his equipment/cage was what he came with, this meant he also spent all of that time in a teeny, rather cramped cage where all of the flooring (including the shelves) was wire grid. Not kind to delicate little feet! My cousin recognized that the poor lil' guy wasn't really wanted and offered to take him. He had to do a lot of work to get him to come out of his shell ...

    Unfortunately, my cousin wound up having to move across the country and couldn't take Pepper with him. Knowing I was fond of anything fuzzy and had experience caring for a wide variety of animals, he asked me if I wanted to take him in. Of course, I said yes, and had to then go convince my mom to let me keep him. But it all worked out - he's now enjoying a the nice big double level Critter Nation cage I bought for him and he's got fuzzy fleece under his lil' feet instead of those nasty wires! We've become fast friends and I love him to bits. He's not an easy one to photograph (he likes to turn tail and run whenever the camera comes out), but I managed to get at least one pretty shot of him! And I am happy to share him for all of you!

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