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Klaatu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Klaatu
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Clydesdale Cross Horse
Home: Queensland, Australia
   Klaatu is my baby horse, I got him May 2012, as a one year old gelding. He was so geeky/awkward looking, with absolutely massive ears ... But it was adorable. He kinda reminds me of the ugly duckling that turned into this beautiful swan! He was rescued as a foal, found just tied up to a post in the middle of a dirt paddock! There's one picture where he's about a year old.

    Klaatu is sooo dopey, and friendly, he has absolutely no idea what personal space is, he would stand next to you all day if he could! He is not even three years old yet, and he is already 17hh, so I think he might even make 18hh, which would make him a giant!

    In one photo, he is next to my 17hh Hanoverian. Klaatu is on the right, you can see he isn't as strong and muscly yet! His dad was a Clydesdale, and his mum was a thoroughbred. He is very hairy like a Clydesdale, but doesn't have the hairy legs, just a little feathering as you can see!

    Klaatu has a terrible habit of jumping out of paddocks and yards, he can clear 1.40m paddock fences without getting a scratch on him. He is a naughty little boy ... and may still be growing! He was named after "The Day the Earth Stood Still," his full show name is Klaatu Barada Nikto!

    Hopefully next year I will be able to start riding him, taking it slow until he is older, and I will have to wait until he is about six until he can start showjumping! (That's so his bones don't get damaged while they are still growing, in case you are curious!) Full Clydesdales keep growing until they are about six years old. Other people say their Clydesdale crosses have grown another hand when they are five, so I think Klaatu is going to be a big friendly giant! He is so calm and relaxed about everything, he is kind of like a wise old horse in a young mischievous horse's body!

Klaatu, the Pet of the Day
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Klaatu, the Pet of the Day
Klaatu, the Pet of the Day
Klaatu, the Pet of the Day

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