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Bluebell, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bluebell
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Black American Tan Guinea Pig
Home: Newcastle, England
   This is my guinea pig Bluebell. She is the best guinea pig ever! She is funny, cute and very, very greedy. If you go in the room where she goes for a run and you've got food, she will follow you around until you give her food. When she is hungry she bites the bars on her cage until you give her the food. We have another guinea pig called Poppy which is in another cage, as when they are alone they are loving, but when they are together they don't like each other and when we give Poppy some food and Bluebell is running about, she tries to pinch her food.

    What makes my guinea pig special is that we went into the shop to go get a guinea pig and there were a bunch of guinea pigs and we saw a lot of beautiful ones but she was the only one hiding under the hay. The shop manager picked her up and I knew she was the one for me. Bluebells favorite thing to do is eat and eat and eat. If we let her she would eat all day. Her first love is food, then me! But she is still my very special pet. I love her!

    Bluebell knows her name very well because when we call her name she comes running over. Bluebell enjoys a cuddle but she is very independent. When I go to give her a cuddle she settles down for a little bit and when she has had enough she just looks down to the floor wanting to go for a run. When Bluebell goes for a run, we don't put her in - when we want her in she just jumps back in her cage herself. I adore her!

Bluebell, the Pet of the Day
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Bluebell, the Pet of the Day
Bluebell, the Pet of the Day

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